— Wellbeing In Your Workplace


As experts in organisational wellbeing, we have developed a suite of Master Classes designed to promote wellbeing and performance at all levels your organisation.

These Master Classes fit perfectly into your existing Learning and Development programmes.  We work with you to agree objectives, content and outcomes to ensure the optimum return on your investment.

These Master Classes can be delivered as one hour, half day or a full day programme depending on your specific requirements.

Mental health problems are responsible for more than 70 million days lost from work each year in the UK alone, making it the leading cause of absence in the workplace.  Enhancing line manager knowledge in this important area ensures your organisation is able to explore mental health problems in your workforce and provide the support your employees need.

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Organisations flourish when their most important asset – their people – are supported to perform over a long period of time.  In order for employees to thrive they need a combination of personal momentum, attention direction, individual motivation combined with agile thinking.  This Master Class will teach your employees how to recover quickly from setbacks without experiencing emotional distress.

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Psychological wellbeing has become fundamental to the ongoing success of both individual and organisational success providing the basis for increased resiliency of employees, greater innovation and higher productivity.  This Master Class encourages individuals to be more self aware, more able to concentrate on tasks without being distracted and have the confidence to understand how their and others behaviours impact the success of their business.

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