Wellbeing in your workplace – an introduction

As employee wellbeing continues to rise up the corporate agenda, effective workplace wellbeing programmes are fundamental to the ongoing success of any business; they provide the basis for increased resiliency, greater innovation and higher productivity.   In recent years there has been increasing interest in the links between wellbeing and the consequential impact on business performance resulting in a much broader understanding of wellbeing approaches in many workplaces.  However, as research by the CIPD confirms, wellbeing initiatives often fall short of their potential because they stand alone, isolated from the everyday business. To gain real benefit, wellbeing must be integrated throughout an organisation, embedded into its culture, leadership and people management.

An important first step is to understand an organisation’s approach to wellbeing.   We achieve this by undertaking a comprehensive audit of existing initiatives and activities that support employee wellbeing.  By adapting the five CIPD inter-related domains of wellbeing to evaluate the current position, we will create a unique company profile that will help senior management focus on wellbeing goals and priorities.

Five Domains of Wellbeing

HealthPhysical health, physical safety, mental health
Good WorkEnvironment, good line management, work demands, change management
Values / PrinciplesLeadership, ethical standards, support
Employee VoiceCommunication, dialogue, positive relationships
Personal growthCareer, emotional & financial support, learning & development

A gap analysis from the audit will identify opportunities to gain traction from implementing a wellbeing strategy, leading to better employee morale and engagement, a more inclusive culture and lower sickness absence.

The next step in the wellbeing journey is to undertake a stakeholder engagement exercise to clearly define the state of readiness for wellbeing within the organisation.  This exercise involves 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders to understand their priorities for wellbeing by identifying a common meaning for the term ‘wellbeing’, creating the purpose, understanding the ambition levels, establishing ownership, developing meaningful communication and gaining buy-in from senior leaders across the business.

We take the time to understand the readiness of your business so that we can effectively unite your business objectives with flexible, intelligent solutions tailored to your exact needs.

We will work with you to develop a customised solution tailored to your organisation’s specific needs that includes a comprehensive audit and a stakeholder engagement exercise resulting in an implementation plan and the establishment of key performance indicators for Wellbeing in your Workplace.

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