Healthy Eating Week

Also in June, the British Nutrition Foundation is running a campaign to highlight how the choices we make when deciding what to eat and drink impacts our planet. Their message is Eat Well for you and the planet!

Globally, food production is responsible for about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, uses over two thirds of fresh water and over a third of available land. As our population increases so does the demand for food which means it is important to find ways to feed everyone on our planet in a sustainable way, reducing the amount of land, water and energy for food production.

Focus on five …

The theme for this year’s healthy eating week is to help everyone learn more about what they can do to have a healthier and more sustainable diet by focusing on five themes:

  • Focus on fibre – for meals and snacks including more wholegrain foods, fruit and vegetables, beans, peas and lentils.
  • Get at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. Aim for a rainbow of colours to add diversity to every meal.
  • Vary your protein options by including plant-based portions more often.
  • Stay hydrated, aim for 6-8 drinks (this can include tea and coffee) per day using recyclable cups.
  • Reduce food waste and household expenditure by knowing how much to cook and buy for each meal.
Healthy Eating Week - Focus on fibre
Image used with permission from the British Nutrition Foundation

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