Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week (MHW) is designed to give all boys and men access to the information, services and treatment they need to live healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

This year Men’s Health Week is running from 13th to 19th June with the Men’s Health Forum advocating for men in particular, but everyone can join in, to do a personal DIY man MOT.

They have pulled together a really engaging programme designed to encourage men to take notice of their health. From information on how to take your pulse, ways to shed those extra pounds laid down during Covid, to checking your blood pressure all described in easy steps.

And whilst we all appreciate that the NHS is under pressure catching up after Covid, it’s really important for anyone with health concerns to contact their GP. The NHS Choices website also provides lots of information and support like their heart age test quiz.

So whether you are a man or just love them, take some time to celebrate the male form and keeping it in tip-top shape!

Man MOT for Men's Health Week
Image used with permission from Men’s Health Forum

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